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Brighton - A Designer City

Jones & Partners Design Studio is located just off Brighton’s bustling North Laines and it finds itself surrounded by creatives from all walks of life.  Brighton (and Hove) has long been regarded as somewhat of a creative haven, attracting artists, musicians, writers, and designers. This may be due to the location by the sea, the light and fresh air that is on offer to aid the creative mind. For whatever reason, the city has become home to many renowned traditional and digital creative ventures. 

The importance of design to the city is reflected by the University of Brighton being home to the Centre of Design History, which “applies a cross-disciplinary research perspective to understand how design in all its forms has shaped things, spaces and actions across time”, thus making an important contribution to cultural life and wellbeing. This is just one aspect of the University's contribution to the design world. Along with many courses, it is highly regarded as a destination for ambitious students. This ambition is highlighted in the recent article celebrating the creative excellence:https://www.brighton.ac.uk/news/2022/university-of-brighton-rides-high-in-uk-celebration-of-creative-excellence

Those educated at Brighton and Hove's two universities and many other colleges often remain in the city due to the abundance of opportunities on offer and the diverse culture - Brighton is always alive with activity.


A Strategic Benefit

A comment frequently made regarding Brighton is the positive vibe, energy, and buzz that fills the air.  

Named by many as “London-by-the-sea", our city also has the strategic benefit of being 20 minutes from Gatwick Airport and only 45 minutes from Farringdon - around the same time as it takes to get “across town” - allowing it to remain central enough to influence the design world's goings-on.

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We are very conscious how lucky we are to be a 10 minute walk to a beach full of restaurants, bars and cafes, with the South Downs around us. These differing environments give us a wide variety of opportunities to clear our heads (when needed) or absorb some of the diverse culture encapsulating us. The Studio loves and thrives in this melting pot overflowing with innovation and creativity. This furthers our current drive to be the industry Product Design Centre of Excellence.