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Who Are We?
About Jones & Partners
Jones & Partners is an award-winning product and industrial design company that has been practicing multi-disciplinary design for the past 25 years.

Our approach is consultative, starting with listening to our clients' needs and translating them into user experiences that we test against commercial expectations and goals. This helps to de-risk our clients' product delivery.

Recently, we have expanded our team in Brighton, which has resulted in a much-needed shake-up of our design approach and culture. Specifically through the promotion of creativity and purpose within our work. Additionally, our process has evolved with global developments.

As times change, design needs to support these changes to ensure longevity. Therefore, we now focus on working with clients that align with our approach and culture.

Our company culture is moving toward a more sustainably minded workflow. We will be more conscious of our potential impact, resulting in more creativity and innovation in the way we design.
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How Can We Help?
What We Offer
Our company has a rich history spanning over two decades, during which we have developed a strong reputation in the fields of furniture, acoustics, electronics and retail products. However, we constantly seek out new opportunities to expand our portfolio. With over 100 commercially successful products already released to the marketplace, we are committed to maintaining our track record of excellence and innovation. Whether it's through new or strategic development, we are always exploring new ways to help our clients grow and evolve.

We offer:
- Comprehensive Experience
- Multi-Disciplinary Design
- Innovative Solutions
- Creative Responses
- Material Science Expertise
- Trustworthy Partnerships
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Design Phase 1
> Concept

What Happens:
Phase 1 consists of research, validation and generation of an initial presentation. Depending on the project's complexity, this can be a highly intensive process. All decisions on the final output are made through discussions with the client.

- Market Research
- Commercial Feasibility
- Initial Models and Concepts
- Photorealistic Renders

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Design Phase 2
> Concept Development

What Happens:
This phase involves the design development of a selected Phase 1 concept. We take your chosen concept into Solidworks (3D Computer-Aided Design) and produce a commercially feasible and manufacturable 1:1 scale prototype.

- 1:1 Prototype
- Pre-Production Costs
- Commercial Value Assessment
- Fit, Form and Function to Relevant Standards
- CAD Data

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Design Phase 3
> Design Development

What Happens:
We produce all our 3D models and drawings for production during this highly iterative and intensive phase, working closely with the manufacturer to mitigate any risk and ensure full commercial and manufacturing feasibility.

- Working Production Sample
- Production Tooling Development
- Detailed Cost Analysis
- Supply Chain Management

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Design Phase 4
> Production

What Happens:
Preparation and final handover of all relevant data as agreed with client. We supply the client with all necessary information so that the product can be manufactured indefinitely.

- Handover of all Production Data
- 3D Models
- Detailed Engineering Pack
- Testing & Certification
- Complete Product Delivery

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