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How Design Influences Retail

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For designers, there are fewer greater pleasures in life than seeing others using products which we have designed. Mostly the conduit to achieving this, certainly at scale, is with the design and development of products that are available via retail outlets.  Most recently the Jones & Partners team has been fortunate to see to products reach retail distribution.

As we are all aware, user engagement is the key to any product becoming a success and when designing for consumer this is particularly emphasised.  Even more so, when an object is both beautiful and purposeful, it enhances the user’s relationship with the product and brand – driving sales, creating a reputable image, and provide a robust foothold in the market.

This ideal of aesthetic and engagement is proven with the recent addition of Bisley’s Bridge making its way into the John Lewis furniture collection.


John Lewis

With its elegant design combining oak wood and steel, Bisley's Bridge sideboard offers versatility to fit seamlessly into any contemporary home and office.

The sideboards can be combined to create a sprawling landscape furniture collection with many customizable configurations. The concept of Bridge was deliberately kept simple but with versatility in mind. Collaborating closely with the Bisley in-house design team, we followed a ‘less is more’ brief, ensuring the design was modest yet still injected with elegance, style, and charm.

The building blocks of Bridge's design allows full customisation and configurability of its form and layout. Its breadth of steel colours, wood textures and vibrant fabrics means that the fun is in creating precisely what you imagined.

Mixing is vibrancy with a myriad of forms which affords different engagement models, it is no surprise Bridge has been well received inthe retail furniture space.

jones and partners bridge for bisley modern costomisable credenza in pink and white

Anywhere Case

Herman Miller

A product from the Studio’s portfolio that has stood out as a retail staple is the Anywhere Case for Herman Miller.  

Aesthetic married with extensible user function were priorities for the Anywhere Case, but another important factor was simplifying the manufacturing process – something that is often overlooked in early design phases.  


Coming Soon!

Again, our next example of a product retailing leans on these concepts of aesthetic andmeaningful engagement. As with all our products, AtWork was developed with ahigh attention to fine details throughout the entire design process. Themulti-configurable options of AtWork allow the design to be used as dedicatedlocker storage, a personal desk caddy, or any combination of the two.

Made from recycled and recyclable PET felt, AtWork offers a more sustainable alternative for a modern storage solution. AtWork is launching online with a retail partner in early 2023 and, given early interest, we think this will plug a gap in office personal storage.

atwork nes and ners jones and partners retail home

As our portfolio grows, as too does the teams experience and knowledge.  We accept there are no shortcuts, but our constant practise ensures we are demonstrably more efficient as our expertise is built upon across our, now, 23 years.