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How Brighton Provides Creative Inspiration Around Every Corner

Having moved to the sea-side city in 2018, we now find ourselves surrounded by sources of creativity everywhere we look.

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Brighton is well known for its presence within the creative scene. From street art and music to architecture and culture, the city overflows in diverse originality.

The city is inhabited with artists, musicians, photographers, and designers. It is a magnet for these industries and continues to build upon its reputation of ‘London-By-Sea’ due to so many Londoners moving to the area and being only an hour away via train.

This eclectic mix of individuality sparks great fires which fuel the streets of Brighton.

This comes in the form of independent shops, art galleries, street performers, mixed cuisine, and more.

Brighton also continues to grow its strong technology and digital presence. There are big names such as Unity Software, who are focused on the development of both virtual and augmented reality, located in the city. There have also been many tech start-ups here who have then flourished, later working with the likes of Sony and Warner.

Sustainability echoes around the city. Brighton holds the only green party MP in the UK and the efforts made surrounding the environment can be seen dotted around the suburbs. Just glimpse out to sea and you’ll catch the eye of the south coast wind farm.

Running a creative business here, such as Jones & Partners, reaps huge rewards from being based in Brighton.

Each member of the team commutes to the studio from a different direction through Brighton, and with every part being so drastically unique, this allows fresh thinking and inspiration to be drawn into the studio every day from what’s around us.

From one direction, you have the new Brighton University buildings, displaying great use of form and pattern within their architecture.

Coming up from the seafront, the South Lanes jewellery shops glimmer in the sunlight, along with the sprawling collection of restaurants. One of which being the brand-new Brighton Soho House, acting as a hub for creative business to meet and network.

Walking down from the station, entering the North Laines, is where traditional traders, street artists and a plethora of local businesses have left their marks on the area.

No matter what angle you look at the city from, there’s something to get those creative cogs moving, whether its sculpture, street art, architecture, music, products, furniture or technology. The blend of history and modernism creatively is reimagined into the culture of the city.

There are always resources of creativity to pull from in the city of Brighton and this is why Jones & Partners calls it home.