Our Centre of excellence

Product Design Centre of Excellence?

At Jones and Partners we are a Product Design Centre of Excellence, but what does this mean?

It means we have a highly experienced blend of knowledge and skill sets to help lead our clients’ product visions to market with reduced risk. We use the best tools for the job, be it physical or virtual, with our desktops loaded with the most up to date and relevant software. Our network of specialist partners runs wide and deep, built up across years of working in many territories.

We evolve constantly, with our robust processes checked and updated with each retrospective and to add in technology gains. We communicate clearly using visual guides wherever possible to illustrate our ideas and progress.  We operate a culture of support and high expectations of each other.

But when we put people, experience, skills, knowledge, tools, networks, communication and culture together, ultimately, the difference is that we care. We care about our output, we care about our clients, we care about each other. This is what makes up our Product Design Centre of Excellence.

But what does it mean for our clients?  

It means peace of mind, they have found a trusted partner that, for over 22 years,  has delivered over a hundred products to market.  A partner that understands and knows the pitfalls at every step of the journey, from idea to launch.  It means they can lean on our strategic approach and market insights to safeguard their investments.  We can never guarantee success but we can communicate how to improve its chances.

Our Studio

What does it mean for us?

Every day we know that the bar is set high, that we have to bring our caring approach to every step.  We know we follow processes but we also have to think about gaps or risks that may be appearing.

We know we have to communicate effectively and not drop the ball. Ultimately we know that we have to evolve, personally, professionally and together as a business.

We know it’s a challenge, maintaining and pushing the bar higher, but one that we, as a team, relish.

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What evidence is there that we are a Product Design Centre of Excellence?

Our work speaks for itself with continued output of successful launches across varied sectors.  The awards we have won provide us with confidence and help to back up the quality of continued output.  Most recently, Craig has been invited to be an ambassador for a recognised industry association, a role he is honoured to undertake and to which he looks forward to adding great value.  But ultimately, the studio has been running for 22 years, retaining long term commitments from clients that are making a splash in their industries, allowing us to join them making a splash in ours.