Our Studio, Our Team, Our Ambition

Emerging Together and Stronger

Like many organisations, the Jones & Partners Studio had time to reflect during our times in lockdowns and isolations. Things have changed globally, nationally and locally, and the changes in our studio have reflected some of these wider, national changes. Like many, we had the romantic vision of emerging from the worst of the pandemic’s protections and restrictions like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis to a world with fresh ideas and new found powers!

Well, we may not quite be the butterfly that we imagined, but the Studio has certainly emerged stronger. We have, as a team, put a clear focus on growing the Product Design Centre of Excellence that supports our clients' ambitions to launch sustainable, commercially successful products.

Meet The Team:

After many years working together we said a fond goodbye to Ben, who joined a practise in Manchester, close to his home. The existing team of Craig and Scott - with their endless positivity, creativity and energy - are emboldened with new faces.

Scott joined us during the pandemic due to a self-initiated LinkedIn product design post, on 3D knitted chairs. Under the umbrella of J&P Scott has developed this product and it will be launched in the next 2 months for a well-known furniture brand. Scott has also been responsible for creating 4 new furniture products launching over the next few months. With six years of furniture design at Morgan Furniture, Scott’s attention to detail and knowledge of contract furniture has been insightful & thought provoking.

The Studio experience is strengthened with the detailed eye and acutely process driven medical Senior product designer, Nick. With over ten years working in product design, Nick provides experience and knowledge to help lead the consumer products & electronics area of the Studio.

Charlie, with a 1st Class BA in Product and Industrial Design, has hit the ground running in raising the standard on how we present and communicate our abilities and expertise. No challenge is too large, and learning quickly to develop Jones & Partners, Charlie has enjoyed adding value in a number of varied areas. He sees no boundaries in what is achievable and knows the hard work that it takes to get there.

But what does it take to form a new team into a well oiled machine? This is something we’ve considered and discussed together openly as a team.

Building A Team

What Does It Take?

Our first principles are that we have the correct tools and environment to do our jobs.

We have invested in workstation ergonomics and new up-to-date computers with the best and most relevant software that we ensure is well maintained.

Secondly we have established that we all need to know our own and each other's roles.

The roles will overlap, allowing for cover when team members are out of the studio and we know each other's strengths and areas for growth.

Next we have defined our culture together as one that is highly professional and supportive of each other, where we are allowed to fail, but constantly pushing each other to be the very best we can be. We have recognised that the balance here in tolerance and continuous support is key. We aim to communicate effectively, considering the correct and most appropriate channels both internally and externally.

Finally our shared goals, personal and professional are out there so we can all have the shared vision of the studio and how we can best make a positive impact. We know it takes time but our goals are SMART and our team is too.