The Workplace has Changed

Scalable Surfaces

The Workplace has Changed

The return to work has happened, for many full-time for others on specific days of the week, or perhaps on a “needs must” basis. At any rate, we are back in offices and a combination of working practices are now in place.  These changes in dynamics raise questions around efficiencies of headcount management, a shift in personal desking to more focus on collaborative – in different volumes – spaces. The workplace has changed; with flexibility and the ability of surfaces to adapt being a prime consideration.
At a personal level, we all crave the correct environment to perform our required tasks with minimum impingements. We have become accustomed to technology solutions (apps) at our fingertips that are designed to expedite our delivery.
Interestingly, well before the pandemic and the tectonic shift to hybrid workplaces, J&P identified the trend towards specific environments enabling more efficient deliveries much as the virtual environment was providing.



With the paradigm that everything has a place and a place for everything, Focused delivered a flexible work surface that can be quickly tailored to meet the task at hand!

With interchangeable trays that are easily swapped in and out, the configurations were endless to meet specific use cases.

Power, stowage, storage all the way to terrariums for tranquillity or integrated ice coolers for events,
Focused and its PET fabric from recycled water bottles repurposed into felt trays, cable management and integrated panels delivered a fully considered, flexible solution in the early days of agile workplaces.

jones and partners focused table foor thinking works furniture interchangable trays



Winding forward some seven years, Diva pulled on significant learning and inspiration from previous projects to become a refined and purposeful product.

The Diva table is made to be infinitely scalable, with current production runs seeing a 6m long configuration. Diva, like Focussed, also integrates a fully considered method of concealing integrated power into its form.

Designed to use as few components as possible, all of which are made from aluminium, Diva provides numerous benefits, such as reduced assembly times, ease of manufacturing, and lightweight transport & shipping.

Whats Next?

Both products won Design Guild Mark awards in their respective years. But now with Diva being launched over five years ago, and Focussed 12 years ago, where do we explore next? With further advancements in material and technology and requirements expanding, opportunities in this sector have become acutely apparent. Our studio is constantly exploring and evolving the thinking in a product area that is ripe for expansion.