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- Space Division                                    - Flexible Work Environments
- Modular Design
- Integrated Power
- Space Division
- Flexible Work Environments
Modular Work Environments

Introducing Grids for Connection. Our client tasked us to explore space division, material opportunities, and monolithic structures from an architectural perspective, resulting in our largest product to date.

We have created a modular system that allows users to customise the product to integrate it into their workspace and workflow appropriately. The work environment is frequently changing, and the products within them. Grids allow the user to create different spaces as needed, whether private isolated phonebooths or an open meeting environment.

From the Top Down

Defining Space

The critical design element within Grids is the roof. Other 'pod' systems rely on the walls to expand. Alternatively, our system isn't constrained by walls. The ceiling configuration dictates the form and layout of the product. The roof defines the space.

This flexibility allowed our team to create a product with a large footprint while maintaining a feeling of 'lightness'. One of the crucial steps in ensuring this was the open framework used to support the roof in the corners. When paired with the phone booths, the product creates a visual language that expresses professionalism and minimalistic beauty.

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The Bigger the Better

Tried and Tested

As stated previously, this was the largest product we have produced thus far and hence came with its design and engineering challenges. Because of this, there were multiple stages of prototyping, testing, redesigning, and testing again. However, this process enabled us to produce an elegant and easily assembled product.

Products like Grids have been gaining popularity recently, this can be associated with several rationales, but the most prevalent is the influx of nomadic workers. Specifically, workers who do not have a specific workspace but rather a 'hot' desk system and flow between different work environments as needed.