- Office Pod                - Acoustics
- Configurability        - Ergonomic Design
- Office Pod                
- Acoustics
- Configurability        
- Unique Torso Design
Spaces For Privacy, Focus and Peace

Retreat for Square Bear is the remedy for the hustle and bustle of the modern work environment. A product that fosters creativity, focus and productivity in a world where distraction is commonplace.

In a world of boxes, Retreat breaks the monotony by offering an ergonomic, tapered form, giving you more headspace and room to breathe.

Find Some Quiet Time

Environments With Acoustic Technology

Retreat is designed for people who seek peace and to be removed from distraction. Generously sized with tapered walls, stepping inside Retreat provides a spacious escape to find a little peace without feeling boxed in.

Retreat sits directly on the floor surface and features a sensor-controlled lighting and ventilation system that operates on the pod's entry or exit, avoiding unnecessary use. Two fans circulate airflow to allow clean air rotation (one at the base and one at the top).

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Flexible Environments

Expansive Design

While developing Retreat, customisation was a necessity. Retreat was initially conceptualised as a single and double pod configuration. This allows flexibility depending on the space available.

A range of finishes are available; the back panel can be glass or solid, creating a diverse selection of workspaces.

Internally, the pods can be configured with the desired work style in mind: a drop-down desk, a high table, or more casual soft seating.