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Aircharge - Battery Pack

- Apple MFI Certification                    - Technology Integration
- Hospitality Technology                    - Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE
- Apple MFI Certification 
- Technology Integration
- Ground breaking Hospitality Technology
- Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE
Removing The Limitations Of Power

Aircharge challenged us to respond to delivering mobile phone charging to spaces without immediate access to mains power.

As well as the rapid development of wireless charging technology, there have also been considerable developments in battery technology.  

Aircharge is available in a range of bespoke textures and materials. This customisation provides seamless surface and subsurface integration into any desk or tabletop for an enhanced experience.

aircharge logo jones and partners
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Plug and Play

Power Anywhere

To facilitate the needs of the client, we developed a unique solution. This concept included an intelligent charging rack with 5 rechargeable battery pucks (18,000 mAh capacity).

While developing this product, it was essential to understand that the user will use the battery pack within a more extensive family of products. Because of this, the design is modular.

When combined with an Aircharge Wireless Surface Charger, a ready to use wireless charging solution is created. We have created a new wireless charging experience. The battery pack is a perfect alternative to the leading power-driven surface charger solutions.

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Power Stack

Quick Access Batteries

The studio took the initial product one stage further. Working with the Aircharge brand, we added wireless technology to the charging bay.

The scope of the issue was well defined, meaning our focus was on developing a product that could with stand the rigours of a high use environment whilst still being easy to install and use.

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