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Aircharge - Orb

- Apple MFI Certification 
- Technology Integration
- Ground breaking Hospitality Technology
- Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE

Apple MFI Certification          Technology Integration          Hospitality Technology          Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE
- Apple MFI Certification          - Technology Integration
- Hospitality Technology          - Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE
Interconnected Charging Technology

We worked closely with Aircharge as a response to the problem of delivering mobile phone charging to spaces without immediate access to mains power.

The problem we wanted to focus on was how to get people away from the walls. The rapid development of wireless charging technology within the smartphone market coupled with a visionary client presented an opportunity.

Aircharge is available in a range of bespoke textures and materials. This customisation provides seamless surface and subsurface integration into any desk or tabletop for an enhanced experience.

apple logo aircharge jones and partners
aircharge logo jones and partners
jones and partners apple logo aircharge
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Inside Out

Power Pass Through

The ORB and the key-ring adaptor allows phone users to utilise wireless Qi-charging whether their device has wireless charging capabilities or not.

The ‘ORB’ adaptor is the only product to have passed Apple’s rigorous MFI certification and the only certified triple headed charging device.

As a result, Aircharge has become a recognised and approved certified global partner to Apple.

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User Focused Power

Effortless Energy

With ease of use being paramount to this concept, it was important to understand the user experience when using the product. This was one of the driving forces to some of the smaller details that would ensure the user has an effortless experience.

The best example of this was through the team utilising the Aircharge logo to indicate when the ORB was in use. The lightning bolt (power indicator) illuminates when in use this give the user a physical signifier that ORB is connected and delivering power to your device.

aircharge orb lightning usbc and micro usb plugs adapter wireless charging
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Apple MFI Certification          Technology Integration          Hospitality Technology          Certified UN 38.3 & FCC, CE