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- Consumer Electronics         - Customisable Backing
- Portfolio Integration            - CMF Expertise
- Consumer Electronics
- 100 Watt Technology
- Portfolio Integration            
- DC Compatibility
Fabric Backed Power

CMS Electracom commissioned Jones & Partners to develop a range of compact power solutions utilising 100 Watt, USB, AC & DC power.

We have worked closely with CMS Electracom for a while on various products. Primarily focused on expanding and developing their existing portfolio.

Specifically, all of these products have a distinct environment for use. The work environment has a particular style. One of the elements incorporated into Apollo was the current move towards more domestic styled products within the workspace.

cms electracom jones and partners logo
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Power Move

How CMF Changes a Product

The products have been designed to be versatile and customisable depending on the desired layout of the user. 

Commonly the product is available with either 2 to 4 ports for charging the everyday essentials, telephone, laptop, garmin, apple watch, bike lights, etc. It was essential for us to understand the spectrum of devices that need power.

A crucial development between our previous design work for CMS and this project was incorporating different materials. The addition of fabric into the back component gives a unique aesthetic and, as stated above, explores the changing office design language.

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Back to Back

Iterative and Rapid Prototyping

Several of the projects have been fast-track programmes delivered to an international client on multiple global sites.

Since its launch, the client has responded by asking us to develop the portfolio further—this product aided in broadening our clients' material portfolio and diversifying the aesthetic language of their products.

Due to the client's desired approach, all of our CMS products benefited from iterative prototyping. This allowed us to model and test designs repeatedly before finally presenting the concept to the client, ensuring maximum success whilst minimising potential errors.