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- Interactive Lighting        - Infinite Configuration
- Parametric Design          - App Integration
- Interactive Lighting       
- Infinate Configuration
- Parametric Design          
- App Intergration
Interconnected Lighting System

KINETICA© is an infinitely specifiable lighting system from a limited number of components. With over 30 bespoke installations in the UK, an innovative algorithm has simplified the complexity of creating bespoke artistic beauty.

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Shining A Light On Innovation

Infinite Lighting Design

KINETICA© was developed with the Third Space healthclub & medical centre (Soho, London) in mind. The building was originally designed by architect Mark Goldstein.

Goldstein’s approach to materials and the celebration of engineered structural elements directed the design of KINETICA©.

The product engages visitors to appreciate the architecture of its surroundings through dynamic lighting. The system allows the user to customise and adapt how it illuminates and functions depending on the situation and desired atmosphere.

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Connected Design

Interaction Integration

KINETICA© can be controlled via an app to interact with its environment. For example, used above a swimming pool, the light can pule to represent timings etc.

KINETICA© is a lighting system that is not box bought. The studio expanded its lighting portfolio by calling on our experience of production manufacturing techniques.

This included the development of large structures from die-cast aluminium and overcoming technical challenges in the development of plastic and aluminium extrusions.