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- Meeting Furniture                              - Sculptural Form
- Configurable Backs                            - Elegant Proportions
- Meeting Furniture
- Sculptural Form
- Configurable Backs
- Elegant Proportions
Head of the Table

Introducing Accord by Workstories. Accord has been designed to echo the sculptural aspects present in the arm design. It was designed to be soft and flowing through the shaping and material choices.

Accord heightens any boardroom or meeting room. Accord was designed to mirror the clean and minimal aesthetic design language that is often expressed in boardrooms. Rather than other products on the market, the design elements of Accord have been explicitly targeted at commercial meeting spaces.

Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Sculptural Beauty

The crucial design element within Accord is the beautiful arm detail. It is an elegant addition to the chair that both aids in functionality (adding a comfortable resting height for the user's arms while sitting) and gives the chair an iconic and distinguished look.

The arms benefit from being formed from die-cast aluminium, allowing the arms to have a very high-quality finish whilst minimising the waste produced during manufacture.

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Reaching New Heights

Configured According to You

Despite the specificity of the design language, it was essential to design Accord to be flexible depending on the environment / user's desired configurations. Because of this, the chair is available in 2 different seat variations: 'high' back and 'mid' back. Additionally, it is available with and without the arm.

Finally, the arms and seat are available in a variety of colourways, this allows the user to customise the chair as they see fit. The arms are available in either black, white or chrome. Whilst the seat fabric is available in a wide selection of colours and fabrics.