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- Workplace Management                      - Mobile Battery Technology
- Solutions for Divisions of Space           - Sympathetic Use of Materials
- Workplace Management                       
- Solutions for Divisions of Space   
- Mobile Battery Technology      
- Sympathetic Use of Materials
Power Integrated Table

Jones & Partners worked closely with Thinking Works to create Diva. Diva was developed in response to the growing demand for timber furniture and the domestication of commercial interiors. The table has been finished to the highest standard possible, with high-quality die-cast components and aluminium extrusions.

We developed the table system to utilise a powered leg design (tabletop power integration). Additionally, we wanted to incorporate a large unsupported leg span. Our design team paired our aesthetic vision with the desire to use the appropriate materials and simple junctions that would not affect the technical requirements.

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More Than Meets The Eye

Hidden Features

Diva’s striking wooden exterior hides a host of ingenious design elements, each cleverly concealed within the solid timber build and aluminium features.

One of these elements is the intelligent ‘powered legs’ that seamlessly enables users to run power into the desk. Additionally, power leads can be easily concealed within the integrated under-carriage.

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Adding Personality

Old Meets New

Diva benefits from beautiful timber finishes; due to natural timber, there are variations in the material, and some regard these as defects; however, we would argue the opposite. They add to the product’s personality.

Diva has been designed to be aesthetically elegant in any work environment due to its sleek and simple style whilst encouraging smart workflow via power integration.