- Mobile Wall                           - Integrated Power
- Multi-Purpose Design        - Promoting Flexible Workspaces
- Mobile Wall
- Integrated Power
- Multi-Purpose Design
- Promoting Flexible Workspaces
Movement Without Tethers

Introducing Freedom for Connection. Our design team was tasked with conceptualising units that explore acoustics panels, whiteboard panels, media units, and storage. The goal was to house these elements within a mobile office-based wall.

Freedom has been designed for the modern work environment; the concept was engineered so that anyone could move the unit quickly and easily; this is partly due to the integrated castors. A common issue mobile walls face is they can never be truly wireless. However, Freedom has been designed to accommodate a battery unit, removing the need for mains power and allowing the product to move freely within the office space.

The Great Wall

Function Supporting Purpose

It was essential for us that Freedom would effortlessly integrate into a workspace. Therefore it needed an industrial style whilst promoting professionalism. This design language influenced the sweeping curves found on the top and bottom of the product. Additionally, we developed the metal case surrounding the product to further this aesthetic narrative and increase product usability.

The frame was engineered to make the product easy to manufacture, assemble, and maintain. Moreover, the structure has numerous fine design details, such as an elegant return on the metalwork, creating a comfortable handle for manoeuvring the product.

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Creative Configurability

Make It Work For You

The product is available in several variations, the primary configuration being a whiteboard on one side and a TV/media mounted on the other. Additionally, there is an option to have whiteboard panels on both sides. Finally, there is the option for a TV mounted on one side and a PET panel. These all allow the user to have a mobile meeting accessory throughout the office.

With the product being located within an office environment, it was essential to ensure the product would aid in sound dampening. Therefore, different quantities of PET are integrated depending on the chosen configuration.