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- Sustainable Design
- Elegant Form
- Minimal Parts
- Simple Outlines
Loop Laptop Table
- Sustainable Design                   - Elegant Form
- Minimal Parts                             - Simple Outlines

Introducing the Loop laptop table for Workstories. 

Loop showcases the simplicity in its design through both form and function with simple features, but great usability. The compact shape and practicality of this elegant table make it ideal for the new, agile workplace.

Keeping You In The Loop

Flexible Work Environments

As the demands from employees to work in multifaceted environments continues to grow, it is important to offer flexibility around the office.

The Loop laptop table provides an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing  solution for the office based nomad, the coffee break presentation, or a myriad of other pitstops where a surface will aid the user in and around more social spaces.

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Are You Hooked?

Conscious Design

Jones & Partners developed Loop while continuing to keep a clear and conscious focus on sustainability.

Made from one material, and with a low part count, the steel table will last the test of time, while also leaving a minimal footprint during its production.

Keeping it simple can be both kind to the eye and the environment.