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Connection tasked us with developing a concept that would explore the use of recycled materials in lounge furniture. With this in mind, we developed a product that utilises a knitted jacket produced by weaving ocean plastics together. The 3D knitted jacket, developed by Camira Knit, reduces the need for traditional upholstery.

Malia incorporates a tubular steel frame to provide its structure, the jacket is then secured via clips on the underside of the frame to create the body of the chair. Creating a tension which is supportive and comfortable. Malia is simple in construction, there is a base, a cover, a frame and a jacket. However, these minimal component are the catalyst of a honest and organic visual language.

Plastics Never Looked so Good

Comfort Takes Time

Malia harmonises a timeless aesthetic with a forward-thinking approach to material science. The chair's well-defined design, creates an elegant form well suited to any workplace environment.

The appearance of Malia is driven by the natural way the jacket sits on the frame when held in tension. It was crucial to understand how the knitted jacket would sit on the steel frame, which required testing and refinement. We discovered that the jacket stretches and adapts to the user providing inherent comfort.

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Making a Difference

Taste Can Change

Currently, the furniture market appears underserved of product that is conscious of the sustainable impacts long-term. Most companies still rely on traditional furniture manufacturing methods, which leads to relatively unsustainable products.

A vital issue in furniture design is the chair frame outlasting the fabric or internal upholstery. Unfortunately, the consumer’s taste is also liable to change rapidly; this typically leads to the entire product going to landfill or a specialist recycling centre. However, with an easily replaceable jacket, we have repeatedly ensured Malia can be given new life.