- Tooling Investments              - Configurable Cassette
- Ergonomic Focus                   - Easy Maintenance
- Tooling Investments
- Configurable Cassette
- Ergonomic Focus
- Easy Maintenance
The Oscar Task Chair

Commissioned by Gresham to design a new range of Task seating, the whole studio worked as a team to deliver each element of the product with the same regard for detailing and quality as the next.

We used our experience and empathy with manufacturing and assembly techniques to inform the design and realised a product which is not only appropriate for the market but well suited to the client’s competencies.

jones and partners touch chair for thinking works furniture one piece moulded sketches

Supportive Simplicity

Concideration of User Requirements

The Oscar Task chair has been designed not only with simplicity and clean lines in mind but also with full consideration to user requirements, materials and end-of-life recycling.

With much attention spent on ergonomics, the user benefits from excellent lumbar and pelvic support as well as ease of use and comfort.

An attractive task chair, Oscar is well suited for many office, meeting and work environments.

Considered Comfort

Detailed Ergonomics

Jones & Partners considered everything in the design and production of Oscar – user requirements, materials, styling and sustainability.

Considerable attention to detail has been spent on ergonomics; lumbar and pelvic support as well as ease of use and comfort.

Oscar is a chair with multi-faceted features that brings its own personality into the workplace, making it both accessible and appealing to modern professionals.