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- Landscape Furniture                         - Powered Surfaces
- Modular System                                  - Elegant Proportions
- Landscape Furniture
- Powered Surfaces
- Modular System
- Elegant Proportions
Shape the Office Landscape

Introducing Profile for Workstories. Profile has been designed as a landscape furniture collection. The product was conceptualised as a modular system to allow users to customise the layout as needed and gives them the versatility to create any office-based configuration they require.

We were tasked with producing an alternative to their current ‘District’ sofa. Additionally, this system of landscape furniture allows Workstories a wide variety of products that expands and develops their existing portfolio.

Stand Out in the Office

Simply Beautiful

Due to the evolving work environment, it was essential to mirror these elements in the visual language. Therefore, the features are soft and minimal. Profile is stylish due to its simplicity. With office spaces having such a wide variety of products, it was important for Profile to compliment all situations.

With the modular nature of Profile there are ‘almost’ infinite variations of the components. The options range from a large sofa unit to be used in a casual waiting environment to an informal workspace benefiting from work surfaces, integrated powered surfaces, and tables.

Take a Seat

Work Where You're Comfortable

Office environments are ever changing; among other things, they are becoming more relaxed and public. This shift was largely caused by the increase in flexible working and the development of nomadic employees. Workers are using the office less, and companies are exploring the concept that work environments should be less sterile and have more personality.

Additionally, landscape furniture isn’t only for relaxing anymore. Comfort is always essential, and because of this, our design team utilised their expertise in domestic products to appropriately design a comfortable and elegant seating system.