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Outdoor Furniture - The Sandcastle Collection
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Inspired by simple childlike shapes, the Sandcastle collection explores how objects delineate space to create an outdoor room. The product’s DNA includes a series of tapered cylinders reminiscent of sandcastles built along a coastline.

Much like a sandcastle, where there is visual variation in height and scale, this collection explores ways to spatially plan and arrange furniture to create fluid use of the outdoors. The collection includes a series of tables and stools scaled to support interactive outdoor use. The overall height of each table creates a horizontal line that visually separates leisurely lounge areas from dining spaces.

Sculpted Base

Familiar Forms

The modern table base is offered with a variety of performance-based materials including powder-coated aluminium, smooth fibreglass, porcelain, and solid surface tops.

Structurally and functionally, the foundation of the largest table base utilizes counterweights made from high-performing, water-resistant fabric filled with sand.

This clean and simple table design supports longevity of use and timeless elements that span a wide range of outdoor applications, allowing for work and life seamlessly outdoors.

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“The Sandcastle inspiration was established at a preliminary stage of the project. Our early considerations incorporated using local materials as structural elements of the table design. The Collection features simple, monolithic, aluminium structures that are naturally playful and deliberately simple in their forms. Soft angles, varying heights and tapered silhouettes create dynamic and fluid outdoor spaces.” - Jones & Partners