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- Polymer Technology                         - Simple Aesthetic Form
- Ergonomic Approval by FIRA          - Ideation to Mass Production
- Polymer Technology                         
- Simple Aesthetic Form
- Erganomic Approval by FIRA         
- Ideation to Mass Production
One Piece Moulded Chair

Introducing Touch by ThinkingWorks. Touch is inspired by lightness, fluidity, and hidden complexity whilst following the design language of the focused workspaces.

Touch is a one-piece moulded plastic work chair; due to the innovative styling, the concept has sufficient flex in the structure to make it comfortable for long periods of sitting.

The chosen design language was a professional chair that would seamlessly integrate into any office environment whilst promoting sophistication and innovation. This is achieved through the considered sweeping curves of the frame as well as the hidden complexity of the chair.

jones and partners touch chair for thinking works furniture one piece moulded sketches

In Touch With Simplicity

Simple Iconic Design

Full-size foam models were produced during the design process to ensure the fine detailing had been appropriately considered and executed. Taking the product from initial concept through to final design, the studio met several challenges. Due to the creative approach, there were inevitably design issues that needed resolving. However, these were dealt with head-on through iterative design and resulted in a simple iconic design.

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Pull Up A Seat

Behind The Scenes

The chair shell is a complex injection moulding that was carefully developed through many prototypes, from card and paper models initially, then progressing to CNC foam and fibreglass prototypes before investing in tooling. Recycled and recyclable materials were envisioned for the product throughout. This was both an important element of the design and the desired narrative for the product. The prototyping was supported by Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to ensure the minimal volume of material was used without compromising the structure.

jones and partners touch chair for thinking works furniture one piece moulded sitting on chair back detail