Dots and Boxes

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Dots and Boxes Wall Mounted Storage

Dots & Boxes is a sustainable, modular shelving solution that seamlessly blends the fun of the pen and pencil game "dots and boxes" with the functionality of a peg board.

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Modular Storage

The Sky is the Limit

Dots & Boxes features wall panels with 9 possible connection points, allowing for the installation of both vertical and horizontal shelves using timber pegs.

With sustainability at its core, Dots & Boxes is the perfect addition to any workplace, in the office or at home.

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Sustainable Shelving

Ideal Storage Solution

Dots & Boxes is prodominantly made from recycled PET and timber.

It's system of connecting pegs and shelves, you can hang, stack, or store your items with ease.

It's intuitive design allows you to arrange the shelving to suit your unique requirements, making it the ideal storage solution for any space.