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- Ceramics Manufacture
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- Domestic Styled Products
Updating Workplace Personal Storage

The ceramic collection of Pots was designed to bring domestic styling to office storage and accessories. The aim is to create personal storage solutions that can serve workplace requirements, while showcasing a home decor aesthetic.

The range consists of three different ceramic pieces, each of which is dyed with pigments reflecting both full or subdued tones.

Pots offers a subtle but impactful sculptural presence, as well as providing utility in the form of cups, jugs and carafes.

jones and partners nes and ners atwork retail storage sketches

Simple Ceramics

A Touch of Home

With the on-going movement of making offices more 'relaxed' and 'comfortable', the desire for workplace appropriate home furnishings has increased.

With the workforce returning from a constant WFH environment, organisations have been exploring how to appeal more to employees to improve overall well-being whilst at work.

Pots delivers touches of home interior decor to a useful and aesthetically pleasing product that can blend into the work environment.

jones and partners nes and ners atwork retail storage cmf material board
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Traditional Crafts

The Accient Art of Pottery in Modern Offices

The design process for pots is influenced by the tried and tested manufacturing techniques of ceramics. The project aimed to bring the timeless medium into the modern area.

As a studio we always start with the end user in mind and here, recognise the benefits and fun to be afforded when colleagues are able to personalise their workspace environments.